How students spend time outside of school is a determining factor for school success and in life. Quality afterschool, expanded learning and out of school opportunities help to improve learning and provide engaging experiences after school has ended.

Established in 2002, the North Carolina Center for Afterschool Programs (NC CAP) is a comprehensive statewide afterschool and expanded learning network, with key partners including afterschool providers, state agencies, state and local policymakers, law enforcement, universities and community colleges, business, and the philanthropic community, working together to increase access to high quality afterschool and expanded learning programs for all children and youth in North Carolina, especially for those at-risk of education failure.

Research shows that high quality afterschool and expanded learning  programs improve academic performance, school-day attendance, nurture youth development, decrease juvenile crime and hinder other high-risk behaviors, while meeting the needs of working families.

We Support

With information coming from a multitude of partners, NC CAP is a clearinghouse for the latest research, current trends, and hot topics in the afterschool and expanded learning field. Our support can help you stay relevant whether you are looking for professional development or technical assistance, leadership growth, applying for funding, improving the quality of your program, or looking for different resources to improve your program.

We Inform

Quality data collection and research are essential for afterschool and expanded learning programs to understand their impact on students. Research and Evaluation are critical to the sustainability of the program and help refine practices to better serve students and families in the community.

We Convene

As a way to convene community, state, and national stakeholders in the afterschool and expanded learning environment, NC CAP holds its annual Synergy Conference. 

We Advocate

Afterschool and expanded learning opportunities can serve as links in the chain of building and developing top notch students and 21st Century citizens. Afterschool connects many communities: academics, health and wellness, juvenile justice, economic development, STEM, and college and career preparedness. NC CAP advocates for federal, state, and local opportunities for students and communities.

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