Environmental Science is interdisciplinary. It looks at connections among living and non-living factors, interactions of systems, and human impacts on the environment. It overlaps with other sciences, but key words include:


Hydrology: rivers, water pollution, water scarcity, dams, groundwater

Ecology: biodiversity, coral reefs, tropical rain forests, forest fires, endangered species, pollution, urban planning, fisheries

Energy conservation and production: fossil fuels, renewable resources

Conservation: forest health, invasive species, endangered species, agriculture, Leave No Trace, stewardship, Best Management Practices, human population, reduce/reuse/recycle

Global Warming: sea level rise, glaciers


Water for Life


Agua para la vida


Pollen Nation

Nación del polen

Oil Toil

Esfuerzo de Aceite

Murky Waters

Aguas Turbias
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