Physical Science is the study of the non-living world. Key words include: 

Chemistry: acids/bases, chemical reactions, atomic theory

Physics: Newton’s laws, astrophysics, simple machines, energy

Applied Physics/Engineering: materials, manufacturing, design modifications


Kinetic Cars


Coches cinéticos


Blueberry and Cabbage Magic

Magia de arándanos y repollo

Soda Science

Ciencia de la soda

Eggscellent Osmosis


Cosmetic Science

Ciencia cosmética

Milk Makes Me Sick!

Leche Me Enferma! 

Fragile Packages

Paquetes Fragiles

Magnetic Investigations

Investigacion Magnetica

Makey Makey Design Challenges

Makey Makey Reto de Diseno

Recreational Science

Ciencia Recreativa

Parking Frenzy

Frenesí de Estacionamiento

Rocket Science

Ciencia de Cohete
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