HEAL Charlotte is a new initiative that provides affordable after school care in challenged neighborhoods. By locating after school care in the recreation or common areas of apartment complexes, HEAL Charlotte provides positive, constructive environments during critical after school hours for children that lack the funds and transportation options needed to attend conventional programs.

Transportation to and from after school programs is one of the biggest obstacles for working parents in addition to program cost. HEAL Charlotte is currently running a successful pilot project to prove its concept. Starting with a dozen kids in February 2016, the program has quickly grown to serving 45 students, and continues to expand.

For every dollar invested in after school programs, five dollars of benefit are realized for the community in reduced crime, workforce readiness, and higher graduation rates. After school programs can also help reduce the learning gap faced by many students from low income neighborhoods. High income 6th graders experience an additional 6,000 hours of learning opportunity than those from low-income neighborhoods.

HEAL Charlotte is exactly the type of community program needed in Charlotte to help spread opportunity to every corner of our city.  It is an organization here to serve the community, to build trust and a legitimate bond between the community, its laborers, and officials. They are here to serve and create an open dialogue between the citizens, police and elected officials of the Charlotte community.

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