Everything starts with a vision and a dream. As a child, we begin to color the canvas of our life and everything we do has a color and it affects us in ways we don’t even realize. Str8t Progress was a vision and a dream, because we thought back to when we were children and how much fun we had in our afterschool program. We thought about our friends, the activities we did, the adults that loved on us, how we found our niche, how we learned our times tables, how we laughed and cried together and realized that programs like this are becoming extinct.

Str8t Progress is our way of giving back to our community by making each child better. We focus on character building more than often because we know that without character their journey won’t be far.

This year our focus is reading because of the huge distractions of technology our children have began to lose interest in a good book. So this year our motto is read, read, read! We have excited our readers by rewarding them every Friday according to the books they’ve read during the week and needless to say everyone is looking for a book before Friday.

We offer homework assistance, mild tutoring, hearty meals and snacks, physical activities, arts and crafts, and big hugs. Homework and reading are also our number one priority among teaching character and showing love.

While Kinston has been rated second in the state for crime, poverty stricken areas are not too far behind. So we’ve partnered with our schools to establish this program to give our children a better chance at success. We service grades K-8. We provide transportation to the program and the parents pick up. Our hours of service are from 3:00 pm to 6:00pm. We operate daily Monday through Friday. We love each and every child as if they were our own in hopes that we will be the beautiful colors in their canvas as they begin their life’s painting.

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