STEM is more than Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM ignites curiosity, reinforces classroom standards, encourages collaboration and critical thinking, and empowers the next generation of innovators and problem solvers!


The STEM Hub contains all STEM-related information and resources. Resources that NC CAP offers in the STEM Hub are STEM Lessons, STEMinar Series, STEM Opportunity Spotlight, and the STEM Coalition.  Learn more about each initiative below!


North Carolina continues to advance as a nationwide leader within STEM career fields. However, the pipeline to grow and develop future leaders in STEM is lacking. OST programs are the catalysts to encourage, promote, and integrate rigorous, relevant, and high-quality STEM concepts within their programs.


To learn more about the STEM initiatives, please view the links below.

NC CAP has created free STEM lesson plans. Each lesson includes an overview, fast facts, lesson contents, family engagement strategies, and a video overview. Lessons adhere to the NC Essential Standards, includes tools for differentiation, and addresses potential misconceptions for program providers.

NC CAP has developed a series of webinars that focus on STEM experiments, resources, careers, and engagement opportunities. Each STEMinar can be leveraged by programs, schools, families, and communities. The STEMinars will be published monthly. 

The NC STEM Center, which is a web portal for all things related to STEM education in NC, has created a directory of statewide STEM opportunities such as camps, events, festivals, workshops, and competitions. Using the NC STEM Center’s directory, NC CAP will spotlight opportunities for program providers statewide to access.

The STEM Coalition, or STEMco, is the intentional convening of individuals from varying sectors to discuss the barriers related to diversity, equity, and inclusion within STEM careers and to develop strategies that will ensure more youth, especially girls and minorities, are involved in STEM as early as Kindergarten.