STEM Opportunity Spotlight

The STEM Opportunity Spotlight utilizes the NC STEM Center’s directory to showcase various STEM events, programs, workshops, and other awesome opportunities for youth, families, program providers, and communities statewide. 




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Start with games and tools that introduce game making and coding concepts. Level up to the tools the pros use like Unity and C#. No prior game making or coding experience required. Connect with game industry veterans in exclusive online events. The program contains the equivalent of approximately 30 hours of in-person instructional time, though individual participants may proceed more quickly or slowly. All participants must start the program between October 1st, but may do so at their own pace. 

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Will you take Astronomy Avenue or the Experiment Expressway to get to STEMville? Will you stop by the Scientist Block Party on your way?

On this epic journey, students will explore a variety of STEM concepts through engaging virtual workshop sessions with Morehead educators and scientists from our state. We’ll use special planetarium software to learn about the sky and other current astronomy topics. We’ll conduct exciting science experiments in our lab, and talk with scientists about different scientific methods for their research.

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Mad Science has designed a series of workshops for youth (ages 3-12) to engage in hands-on STEM activities. Workshops are virtual and in-person. Each workshop includes pre-and-post workshop activities. 

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Science is a tool, a community, and a spirit of inquiry that should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. So we’re bringing The Lab online, with experiments you can do at home and LIVE streaming session with our facilitators. Every Wednesday at 4 pm, the Museum of Life and Science will host a 30-minute Lab Livestream where we can do an experiment together! Register for the Livestream or watch the replays on YouTube. Lab@Home is brought to you by Biogen. 

If you would like to watch their past segments, click here to view their YouTube playlist!

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Due to COVID-19 precautions, many of the in-person STEM opportunities are postponed or canceled. Below are virtual STEM resources that can be utilized in any remote learning context.

2020 North Carolina Virtual Science Festival

North Carolina Virtual Public Schools 

Online Virtual Field Trips 

The Smithsonian

Smithsonian Science Education Center

Smithsonian Learning Lab

Marbles Daily Dose of Play

NSTA STEM Resources

 STEMfinity Free Resources

Edutopia STEM Resources

Mad Science Virtual Field Trips

To view additional recurring opportunities, check out the information below:

*Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and resources may be updated as necessary*

If you seek national resources, please visit The Connectory.

The Connectory makes the connections to STEAM learning opportunities that inspire young people to explore, discover, and create.