Regular Registration is now open for the annual SYNERGY CONFERENCE! We hope you will join us on April 24-25, 2019 at the Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC. You can register here by March 10th at the regular rate of $225. Late registration will begin on March 11th at the rate of $250. The conference timeline can be viewed here


Afterschool, before school and summer programs that have never attended the Synergy Conference are being offered a special rate. If your program/organization has never attended or participated in the Synergy Conference, staff can register to attend at the rate of $175. Please send a registration request for this discounted rate to In your email, please include your program/organization name and the names of staff that are registering. 
***Note: This discount is specific to programs that have never been represented at the Synergy Conference. 
We will continue the conference trend of engaging keynotes, a plethora or workshops, and networking with providers from across the state.  Featured speakers and events this year include: 
Wednesday, April 24th
Thursday, April 25th 
Thursday, April 25th 
Thursday, April 25th 
This year, we have a full slate of 65 workshops with a range of topics within each of our workshop strands. This year’s workshop strands include the following:


  1. In-Depth Roadmap of Need: Interpreting the Data
  2. Integrating the 3 P’s of Coaching into Mentoring Relationships: Presence, Process and Power
  3. STEM with a Global Perspective
  4. I Write Therefore I Am
  5. Connections Matter
  6. Making Them Visible: Recognizing, Supporting, and Advocating for Children of Incarcerated and Returning Parents
  7. FAFSA Completion Trends in North Carolina
  8. What is 21st CCLC?
  9. BUT THESES ARE MY WORK FLIP FLOPS: Reaching and Teaching the Millennial Workforce
  10. Empowering Students to Do the Right Thing When No One is Looking
  11. What Makes a High-Quality Program? You Tell Us!
  12. Using Agile to Introduce STEM to Young Minds
  13. Pathways to Success


  1. Power of Play: How Play Supports SEL
  2. Hustle for the Muscle
  3. Starting Them Early and Keeping Them On Track: Creating College and Career Connections Through a Collaborative Culture
  4. Building Connections to Better Serve and Support Schools and Community Organizations
  5. Building Bridges: Harnessing the Power of Partnerships
  6. STEM in a Box: Our Lessons, Your Teachers
  7. Core Content Standards are Soup, and I Feel Like Some of Our Students Have Forks: Students Engagement & Motivation Strategies for After School Settings
  8. Supporting Academic Success of Students Experiencing Homelessness
  9. BOYS WILL BE BOYS: Reaching and Teaching Young Men
  10. Sanford Harmony – Building Harmonious Classrooms Together!
  11. Let’s Get Moving: Walk, Listen, and Learn with The Walking Classroom
  12. TuPortalSTEM – Engaging Hispanic Students in STEM Education
  13. Let’s Talk About Sex


  1. Positive Schooling Experiences for Black Males
  2. Books Beyond the Bell
  3. Real Science! Right Now!
  4. How to Attract and Retain High Quality Staff
  5. Summer Hunger is More Than an Empty Belly – You Have a Role!
  6. Hands On is Minds On2
  7. Girls Who Code
  8. Real Challenges, Real Solutions – Using Robotics as a Vehicle for Community Collaborations
  9. MEASURING THE MAGIC: Engaging Evaluation Tools for Extraordinary
  10. Infusing Dance/Movement and Engaging Youth in STEAM: Let’s Activate Learning, Close Developmental Gaps and Spark Their Interest in STEM Careers!
  11. The Buddy Builder Program: Integrating Social-Emotional Learning into Enrichment Activities in Elementary Afterschool Programs
  12. Reality Check: Cashing In On Your Challenges
  13. How to Use Stories to Empower Our Youth


  1. Reaching the Hard-to-Reach: Considerations and Response for Minors Who Have Been Trafficked
  2. Best Practices for STEM Mentoring Programs and Measuring Your Implementation Success
  3. Real Science! Right Now!
  4. Supporting Academic Success of Students Experiencing Homelessness
  5. Pulling Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps When You Lack Boots: Engaging Readers of Low Socioeconomic Households
  6. Mentoring MATTERS: Mentoring to IMPACT
  7. SACERS-U: A Professional Perspective Quality School-Age Care
  8. Thinking Outside the Box: Funding Effective School-Age Programs
  9. FRENEMIES, QUEEN BEES, AND GIRL WARS: Bullying & Relational Aggression with Today’s Girls
  10. Bring Science, Computational Thinking and Engineering to Your Afterschool Program
  11. Let The Music Play! – Finetuning Your Afterschool Fine Arts Program
  12. The HELPS Program Can Provide YOU with the Tools to Help Struggling Readers
  13. Elementary STEM: Learning to do no harm


  1. Low Tech STEM
  2. Developing Character through Connecting Tennis to Education
  3. Parental Engagement in After School: Never Give Up
  4. Using Mentorship to Connect Students through Technology: NCSSM Digital Outreach Scholars
  5. Do You Need C.P.R. in Parent/Community Partnerships? Here are Strategies to Help to Grow Partnerships
  6. Reflect, Reflect, Revise: Improving Programming to Better Support Students
  7. Sharing Ideas in a Mobile World
  8. Ready, S-E-T, Go: Building a Culture of SEL
  9. MUSIC POWER ACTION: Using Today’s Music & Movies To Connect With Youth
  10. Ignite a Love for STEAM Learning in your Program or Classroom
  11. STEM-ulating Activities on Human Ecology
  12. Connecting with the Disconnected – Energizing and Empowering Today’s Teens
  13. Strategies for Managing Afterschool Program’s Growth

The Synergy Conference 2019 will have a hotel block at the Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons for the discounted rate of $145/night. You can make hotel reservations here. Hotel reservations must be made by 5pm on March 25th to get the discounted rate.  Please make your hotel reservations as soon as possible as space is limited.


Doing The M.O.S.T. T-Shirt

This year’s conference is themed “DOING THE M.O.S.T.: MAXIMIZING OUT-OF-SCHOOL TIME”.  For a limited time, you can purchase an official conference t-shirt with the Doing The M.O.S.T. logo celebrating the many ways afterschool, before school and summer programs engage youth and families.  Doing The M.O.S.T. t-shirts are available in adult and youth sizes and will be available at the Synergy Conference during registration.